It is 25 years since St George’s College North was founded, to commemorate this significant occasion, a series of special events were planned for the whole community to enjoy.

We want to thank your constant support, because without you, none of this would have been possible.

You will be able to find the coverage on all events below.

past events

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The Dragon’s Flame

The final event to celebrate the school’s 25th Anniversary was the Dragon´s Flame Day held on Saturday 31 October. The whole day was a complete success and sets the school up nicely for the next 25 years.

The day started at the Chapel in SGQ. Mr Pringle, Mr Tate, the SGQ Headboy and girl and the three school choirs took part in a very unifying moment. The ceremony concluded with the Splinter being passed on to the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary student representatives who ran around the campus before handing it on to the OG President, Robert Watson, to begin it’s trip to SGN.

SGQ staff, parents and Old Georgians worked in teams to relay the splinter to the Old Georgian Club where the SGN teams took over. Parents, staff and Old Georgians ensured the splinter reached its destination safe and sound and all had a great time running and encouraging each other.

The ceremony at SGN was a very emotive occasion. There have never been so many people on the campus at the same time and the entrance of the splinter with the student representatives of each section led by the bagpipes of OG Brain Gibson began the celebration. Words from Mr Tate and Mr Flores were followed by the singing of the Primary choir. The culmination was the lighting of the Dragon´s Flame by Mr Buceta just as the last light of the day was fading. It was a special moment. The Dragon it's self is very special too. It is made from sterling silver and was painstakingly crafted by OG Daniel Gómez y Tewes during many months. Once it is burning, its flame in the Georgian Hall we will always be reminded of our origins and the values of St George's.

The evening continued with the Dragon’s Feast and over $32.000 was collected for the Centro de Desarrollo Infantil Niño Dios. All present were able to sign the Commemorative Book and the tiles that will form the Dragon’s Mural. The mural will be unveiled on Speech Day.

The event really demonstrated the spirit of St George’s and will remain with everyone who took part for years to come. A big thank you to all who helped make the day so unforgettable.

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Old Georgians Asado

On Saturday 24 October the school held its annual Old Georgians’ Asado to celebrate the 1995 and 2005 promotions. Our guests received some souvenirs and there were emotional speeches by Mr Noel Anthony and Ms Liliana Pin to both groups, respectively. Guido Sica and Patricio Sandor said some warming words on behalf of their classmates. Getting together is always very rewarding, for memories arise and the links within the community are strengthened.

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St George’s College North Golf Tournament 2015

On Thursday 22 October the school held its second Golf Tournament at Martindale Country Club.

With an ideal temperature, the competition started with 100 golfers in the court. The money raised through the green fee and lunches was donated to the Asociación de Beneficencia del Barrio Villa Astolfi. We were pleased to have so many sponsors and we thank them for their constant support.

There were also special Hole in One prizes: 2 Fiat 500; Motorbike KTM Duke 200 and a stay for a week for two people with golf in the United States.

The tournament was a success we are already looking forward to our third edition.

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Gala Concert

On Saturday 22 August the Secondary school celebrated our annual Gala Concert. The winners of the Music inter-house took part in it and the public were able to listen to beautiful songs by Nick Denham, Belén Madariaga and Tomás Vallauri (who was also the winner of the piano category) and enjoyed performances by Serena Stamboulian and Pedro Torres, who played the guitar, classical and electric, respectively. Camila Grosso, winner of the orchestra instrument category, entertained the audience playing the transverse flute.

In recognition for their excellent performance in the Music inter-house, Josefina Arcagni and Mora Petti were invited to play the piano and sing in the event. The evening also included The Little Big Orchestra, the Houses’ bands (which added to the final results of the inter-house), Cutts and Lockwood Houses’ Argentine Music ensembles and the Top Button Blues Band, led by Mr. Harry Rodger. Some of our IB students offered to take part in the concert with their new group, especially created for the occasion. Many members of our community co-operated in the organisation of the Inter-house and the Gala Concert: Patricia Agusti, Malena Calloni, Tooba Calvo, Pietro Salemme, Micaela Taboada, Gabriela Biet, Anik Blanchard, María Teresa Braun, Fabricio Cardozo Massa, Alejandra Pérez, Susan Perkins, Pablo Pittavino, Raúl Pittavino and Lucas Simone.

A varied repertoire and a great audience contributed to a charming musical evening that had Lockwood House as the Music inter-house winner.

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25th Anniversary Gala Dinner

On Saturday, May 30th we held the 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner. After the reception cocktail, guests were invited to the hall and met with the delightful surprise of a group of Old Georgians singing ‘Be our Guest’, from the Beauty and the Beast. During the dinner, architect Mrs Flora Manteola explained the philosophy behind the designs of the present buildings and introduced, publicly for the first time, the next step of the Development Plan: the Creative Arts Centre. We spent an amazing night, dancing to the funky rhythm of the band “Los Tocadiscos”, celebrating the achievements of the school so far and looking into the future.

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25th Anniversary Assembly

On June 24, we held the 25th Anniversary Assembly. All sections worked together presenting St George’s College Quilmes foundation and ours, 92 years later. You can see the video we prepared for the occasion by clicking below.

The whole ceremony reflected on the school values and we will continue to work on this through the ‘What is your Dragon’ campaign, inviting everyone to think on and to overcome their own internal dragons.